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Dark Valley

Creator: @aleister
Mysteries of the Dark Valley The beginning of a unique and enigmatic journey through the mysterious Dark Valley, a deep and fascinating journey through a setting that mixes the sinister beauty of high black mountains with an atmosphere filled with heavy clouds. Imagine yourself in front of a deep valley, surrounded by high mountains that seem to touch the sky, with black and imposing shapes that shape a haunting landscape that defies daylight to penetrate its interior. At the top, a sky dyed a gloomy gray, with heavy clouds that hover ominously over the valley. These clouds, dense as the mystery that surrounds this place, create an atmosphere of expectation and suspense, as if something extraordinary was about to happen. A mysterious fog appears ominously, creating an ethereal and enigmatic environment that seems to hide ancient secrets, ready to be revealed. Three spectral figures begin to slowly emerge from the mist. Enigmatic ghosts that guard knowledge and secrets long lost to time. Who are they? What do they want? The Floating Stone and the Inverted Triangle: In the heart of the valley, a floating stone, suspended in the air and above it, an inverted triangle seems to embrace it with its geometry. This digital work is an invitation to explore the Dark Valley and unravel its enigmas, immersing yourself in an experience that will challenge your imagination and take you to a world of mysteries to be unraveled.
Collection: Machiavellian
Total Edition(s): 2
List Price: 66 SWAP.HIVE


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