Eythorphoto Destroyer of dCities

This work of art that was originally commissioned by known war criminal & thug Eythorphoto as part of his celebrations after becoming president of the #dCities. 5 were mintet in total by the talented artist @amanda.yrr the epic work has since became the first edition of " The Commemorative #dCity Presidential Collection", one of if not the most prestigius of all NFT collections. Today 4 remain. Since "The original" was "Burned" by the president himself in the early morning hours after a night of senseless violent celebrations. There is a hidden QR code in the full HD picure - be sure to get your hands on this piece of #dCities and the worlds history to uncover it´s secrets. Read more
Collection: The Commemorative dCity Presidential Collection
Total Edition(s): 5
List Price: 20 SWAP.HIVE