President Ecoinstant

Ecoinstant in one of the "founding fathers", no one knows for how long his ancient and prestigius city has stood, He is one of a handful of "strongmen" who has more than one term as president under his belt. His last presidency is generally refferred to as "the great depression" but in order to tackle inflation and overprinting of the then totally bottomed out SIM token. Many a small city suffered greatly and his indifference to the discord complaining populace at an "why dont they eat cake" levels. His hardline economic policieseventually turned out to be a huge blessing as well as his invaluabe and tireless, selfless work of getting dCity on the DAPPradar scene. Ecoinstant can be found on the Discordsor somewhere fighting off bugs and lizzard things i the jungles ofSouth America Read more
Collection: The Commemorative dCity Presidential Collection
Total Edition(s): 5
List Price: 25 SWAP.HIVE