Frogs in Wonderland

With around half of all frogs and other amphibians declining in the wild, the proportion threatened with extinction now exceeds 40% – they are the most threatened vertebrate group on Earth. Once a sanctuary for well over 8,000 species, we now live in a world that is increasingly unsafe for them. Though they slip away quietly, their loss has profound repercussions for our world. They are often described as living barometers for the state of the world or the “canaries in the coalmine” for global environmental collapse. Helping them will help us all. This “Frogs in Wonderland” NFT is being given away freely by me to those who have become dear friends through this short NFT journey so far, to supporters of my work that would like one, to those who can see the beauty in the natural world all around us, and to those that have wanted to collect a piece of my art but have been unable to do so for any number of reasons. Everyone is free to do what they want with this NFT (including reselling it if you like). All I ask is two things: (1) You try to see the natural beauty of frogs (all amphibians actually!), learn why they are silently going extinct unnoticed all around us, and what we can all do to save them; and (2) Pay it forward somehow. Share something that means so much to you or help someone somehow. Let’s create a wave of kindness through art and have an impact! This NFT is a gift from my heart to you. Read more
Collection: Fractal Frogs
Total Edition(s): 15