Dazed and Confused

When we last saw Frank the Fly, he was hitching a ride under a strange alien spacecraft after accidentally (Uh huh. Sure Frank. Totally by accident!) blowing up another planet. He needed to get as far away as possible to escape the threats of bodily harm (being inflicted in the most creative of ways!) for his continued path of destruction across the cosmos. But it appears that Frank didn't think this escape plan all the way through. Hitching a ride under a spacecraft, inhaling exhaust fumes as they raced across hundreds of galaxies, was not the smartest thing he ever did. He could not tell what was real anymore, and he "thinks" (or hopes?!?) he was hallucinating. Did he truly get a glimpse into the origins of the universe? He's not entirely sure. Is this all for real? Or are the exhaust fumes messing with his brain? Has he really stumbled onto the true origins of life? And seriously, how much weirder can his life and this story actually get at this point?!?

Collection: Genesis Collection

Creator:  @ancientfroggy

Total Edition(s): 1

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