The Hitchhiker

After Frank the Fly accidentally (or, so he says!) blew up yet another planet (how many is that now?!?), an insane amount of threats of bodily harm (inflicted in the most creative of ways!) against him, rose up from around the galaxy. To save his @$$, Frank decided it was best to hitch a ride to an entirely different sector of the galaxy. So, he stuck himself to the bottom of a rather strange alien transport ship to see where it would take him. Any place could be better than the one he just left, right? Frank hoped this race of beings wouldn't notice him there for he had heard nightmarish stories about how another race of beings called the Volgons read poetry to stowaways which caused immense suffering to those who were forced to endure such a punishment. He couldn't even begin to imagine what these aliens would to do him if they spotted him! And that's when things got weird. He definitely wasn't in Kansas anymore (or so the saying goes) ...

Collection: Genesis Collection

Creator:  @ancientfroggy

Total Edition(s): 1