The Horseman ink only

Minted for the NFT Showroom 1 year anniversary! This is the bare black and white inks of the digitally colored version. Every last curve, stroke, and dot that were all done by hand with ink and a brush are here obscured. I rarely mint the core black and whites of any illustration and this is a one of one. This features fan favorites from the Arsenic Lullaby comic book series, Voodoo Joe, the zombie fetuses and Alien Centaur all in one piece. Composition is a homage to the iconic Molley Hatchet album cover by Frank Frazetta "death dealer". Painstakingly illustrated via traditional tools ( pencil, brush, ink) to get the old school comic look and colored digitally, by Arsenic Lullaby's own Eisner award nominated Douglas Paszkiewicz! (that'd be me). Douglas has done work for Mad Magazine, The Tick, Comedy Central and many others. Originally drawn at 14x14 inches, this piece is 300 dpi and 2000x2024 You can find more info about Arsenic Lullaby at Read more
Collection: Arsenic Lullaby
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 3000 SWAP.HIVE