Meet the new babysitter???

Creator: @artxmike
Cheap Sex! A follow on to an earlier collection.There are four images in this series that highlight the archaic and one dimensional roles portrayed by these sex shop mannequinns. Some are headless and limbless,leaving them anonymous,voiceless and with no female identity.The items they wear perpetuate the myth of the female as an instrment of sexual gratification and place her in a subservient and submissive role in whatever roleplay is being played out here.The internet has made sex and sex material easily accessible and combined with high rents in inner city suburbs has killed off most of the sex shops.These images are created to make you think about the role of such mannequinns and our evolving attitudes to sex. The titles are my way of trying to make light of what I find a sad subject-after all sex should be a fun and natural part of life.The lurid colouring and shopfront reflections highlight the garish displays and the vibrant inner city vibe around this shop-aptly named Peaches and Cream.. Read more
Collection: Cheap Sex!
Total Edition(s): 5
List Price: 20 SWAP.HIVE