The Eyes Have It (Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder)

Perception is everything. We are not experiencing the same world as each other. We have a perceptual lens that filters our world for us. Our beliefs create that lens. It's been said "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and it's absolutely true. Two people can see the exact same thing and feel completely different emotions. One can see it through the perspective of God-Source and be thrilled, over-joyed, excited beyond belief. The other can see it in disgust, hate, or fear. Fear is just a lack of faith that everything will work out eventually. Negative emotions are a sign you're not seeing something through the eyes or perception of God-Source who knows that everything is working out perfectly. Some people have clarity and see you through that lens. Some people have had past experiences or traumas that lead them to have a distorted view of you. Many are projecting their trauma onto the people around them. This artwork reminded me that the eyes of the universe are not equal in their clarity. When someone is offended by you, angered by you, or disgusted with you, it is their perceptions and beliefs that cause those negative feelings. You cannot offend others, and they cannot offend you. The offense is always a result of beliefs of the one beholding the person or event. Beauty and offense are both in the eyes of the beholder. No one can offend or psychologically harm another person. Understanding this can be both freeing and annoying to people. It means we have the freedom and power to change our beliefs and thoughts about things and become immune to being offended. But it also means we're on the hook for our emotions and can't blame others for why we're angry or scared anymore. Many are living inauthentic lives because they're trying to look better to the ones around them. If you're inauthentic, even if they like you, they only like the mask you're wearing, not the true you. If you're authentic, it can be scary because you're concerned people will dislike the real you. But there's no need to be afraid of that because their dislike is only because of their own perceptions. When you're authentic, you will find that other people actually do like you for you. May this remind you to be authentic and not worry about other's perceptions of you. Stop worrying about offending others, because the offense they feel isn't your fault anyway. Just be you. Read more
Collection: Fractal Fantasia
Total Edition(s): 2
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