Transfiguration | Never The Same

I created this in JWildfire. To me this looks like heaven. Here it looks like the spirit entered heaven's gateway and was transformed into a butterfly spirit which left to go back to earth. I think our spirits can travel back and forth at will, so this isn't necessarily about reincarnation. Sometimes in life you just get a bit of inspiration and wisdom and you're forever transformed, never the same again. According to the bible the gates of heaven are pearls. Each gate is a pearl (Revelation 21:21) and the pearls represent wisdom. When you're wise, you no longer live "hell on earth" but walk on earth in a heavenly state of mind. The larger JPG will be included as an unlockable. TOOLS: I used JWildfire, PhotoscapeX, and Photoshop for this piece. SIZE: 9,000 x 8,000 pixels

Collection: Fractal Fantasia

Creator:  @asabovebelowloa

Total Edition(s): 4

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