Truth is a Lion w/ Poem (Unlockable Alternate Poem Ending)

Truth is bold as a lion—steady and firm. Liars fear questions, get angry, and squirm. If someone you know is against all questioning, They may be a liar in fear of a reckoning. It's okay if they choose to cower, afraid. Everyone has to lie in the bed that they've made. Those who love truth, love questions as well, To be incorrect (and not know) might be living hell. But if you love truth, there's nothing to fear, Boldly question beliefs 'til your mind becomes clear. Barbara Wegner 2021 Unlockable Alternate Ending to Poem if you buy. IMG Size: 7,000 x 4329 pixels I created the image after the poem. I used JWildfire to create a fractal closely resembling a lion and added touches with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Read more
Collection: Fractal Fantasia
Total Edition(s): 3
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