Honor Thy Fear (with unlockable background without sigil)

People often have a freeze, flee, fight, or fawn response to things that scare them. But what about FACING our fears? When you take the time to be still with your fear and acknowledge it rather than push it away, you find out how powerful you actually are. When I took the time to sit with my absolute terror, I realized that what I feared would never be as bad as what I was feeling in that moment. I also realized that if I could handle feeling that terror (and I could), then I could handle anything that came my way in life. So, rather than trying to push fear away, I say, "Honor Thy Fear," and you'll find your power. The sigil was created with the intent to "honor fear" rather than run away from dealing with it. The background is a fractal created in JWildfire that reminded me of hell. I edited the image with Illustrator and Photoshop. IMG Size: 4,500 x 8,000 pixels Read more
Collection: Sigils for Spiritual Healing
Total Edition(s): 5
List Price: 15 SWAP.HIVE