The REAL Book + EXTRA’s

Creator: @bartman67
This NFT is the tokenized original design of the front cover of the book “De Leidsche Ommelanden”. With the purchase you will get: (1) The REAL book “De Leidsche Ommelanden” (Surroundings of Leiden) sent to you in the mail, (2) PLUS: Original design of the front cover of the book (direct download), (3) PLUS: Online PDF (direct download). The book “Leidsche Ommelanden” is a nostalgic picture book with ca. 35 digital full color lithographic-inspired images. It shows you all the typical Dutch landmarks and sights from the heart of the province of Holland in The Netherlands. Not only windmills, but also castles, water towers and manor houses from the 17-19th century. I created and published this picture book in 2019 in a limited physical edition of 200 pieces. About 150 of these have already been sold and I have now reserved a unique limited series of 35 tokenized copies. These copies are available exclusively as "Unlockables" through NFT Showroom. Buying this tokenized original design will also give access to unique content! Not only will you be able to download a PDF-version of the book, I will also send you a physical and numbered copy of my book with my authograph and a personal message or assignment of your choice. Worldwide shipping and packaging are included. Preview the book in my webshop: After you’ve purchased the token, DM me here on Hive (message to @bartman67) and we’ll exchange the necessary information for verification and shipment etc. You can also DM me on my twitter @WerkVanBart if that’s more convenient. Summary of the deal: You purchase 1 edition of the original design for the front cover and you get a free download of the book (PDF), PLUS you get a real signed PHYSICAL copy of the BOOK sent to you, wherever you are! NB: This is a picture book with self-adhesive images, which you can paste yourself. The accompanying texts are written in Dutch and can be easily translated into any desired language via e.g. Google Translate. Book reference: ISBN 978 90 71256 72 1. Read more
Collection: Surroundings of Leiden (originally: Leidsche Ommelanden)
Total Edition(s): 35