Inverted Chuck

This Blind Contour Drawing was inspired by a pair of “Chucks”, as we called them roughly 30 years ago. I saw them on this guy while I was waiting in line at the convenience store. What can I say, I was craving a hot cup of coffee and was feeling bored while waiting. The line was moving slower than normal. I believe someone's apple pay wasn’t working quite right. Anyhow, I look down at the guys feet in front of me (I don’t usually check out peoples footwear) and I was taken back in time. I was transported (mentally..hehe) back to about 1989/90, when I acquired my first set of Chucks.. Converse All Stars. What an awesome pair of shoes. Somewhere along the way I threw them out. The holes in the canvas just got too big, otherwise I would have loved to still have them. I am calling this piece "Inverted Chuck", as the original blind contour drawing is called "Chuck". A digitally enhanced version of my original drawing. What is a blind contour drawing? .. I drew it ‘Blind’ and in ‘Contour’ style. One continuous line drawn without ever looking at the paper or pen. I kept my eyes focused on the subject(s), slowly moving my eyes along the major characteristics of the objects while moving my hand and pen along with them. Read more
Collection: Blind Contour Drawing Series
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 150 SWAP.HIVE