Sleeping Mallard

I created this approximately two years ago and did so after taking a walk down to the lake behind our home. I observed a female mallard fast asleep on the water on a very calm day. The ripples around her body and her shut eyes, along with the tranquility of the day, put me at ease and combed my spirit. I wanted to duplicate this image in my mind digitally. I tried to capture the easy gentle feeling and the calmness of a female Mallard duck, floating on top of a Stillwater surface. I tried to capture some of the colors that I had observed that day. The water was more or less a green color with tinges of blue and purple. You could see a slight reflection and the bright orange color of her webbed feat as they balanced her body under the surface. 1536 X 2048 Pixels Read more
Collection: The Nature Collection
Total Edition(s): 3
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