The lady of the dark forest

On the outskirts of a very old city is a dark and gloomy forest that few dare to enter, legends say that there live magical creatures with dark powers that consume the souls of the unwary. However the lady and mistress of this dark forest is an ancient spirit in the form of a woman who after being deceived by the darkness forgot who she was, bewildered she took refuge in this forest which was gradually consumed by its power and although there is still living nature within it, the forest looks dead. This ancient spirit lives in the middle of the forest afraid to touch anything because everything she touches seems to die, unfortunately this ancient spirit has forgotten the true nature of his power: to give life and death, so meanwhile by ignorance, only continues to wander through the forest lost, accompanied only with his loneliness. Paiting digital Png 4096x4096 Read more
Collection: Analogies
Total Edition(s): 2
List Price: 60 SWAP.HIVE