Janet Guzman x Fashionova x Santa x BlakeStorieArt : Christmas 2020

My first Digital Art post in the new world of blockchain. I have wanted something like this for many years and happy to find NFT Showroom and Hive. The design is model @JanetGuzman with her dog @iambinx saving Christmas with Fashion Nova since some elfs got covid being this is the Christmas of 2020. This is just the design allowing you to color or paint yourself in illustrator if you would like. Being the first one I am not sure if you can download it, I will learn. With most of my future Art, I will send the Master .Ai file allowing you to build onto the Art making a new piece of Art or easy to use for printing or designing however you like. I recommend you to paint because when I paint I find a nice flow state of energy and it is a nice meditation tool. This may be different to some but I believe it will grow into something magnificent! Also being this one is the first of my collections I have placed it as private. Its the first one so its rare and has meaning to me. I will have future Art that will be Limited Reproduction Rights. Thank you for liking my energy as I try to put it into my art. Thank you, BlakeStorieArt Read more
Collection: Current Culture
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 822222.222 SWAP.HIVE