Animated Dogface #1

These animated Dogfaces are made from a rendering of a drawing that I did many years ago, when I was 14. The 1st generation of this drawing was individual static images with different sections having different color combinations, or patterns embedded. In this 2nd generation I took the static image and animated the eyes, making them blink and separated the sections to be individual areas. This is a limited series consisting of 3000 Dogfaces, where the colors and order of sections changing are computer generated. No two are the same. Characteristics- Order and Color: Rt. Ear #ff0000; Rt. Hair-ffff00; Lt. Hair-00ff00; Lt. Ear-007580; Neck-ffd800; Lower Face-008080; Center Section-ca74c3; Upper Face-b1dea1; Lower Nose-00ffa2; Mouth-fb53fb

Collection: Animated Dogfaces

Creator:  @businessneeds

Total Edition(s): 1