One Eternal Token For Global Harmony - #002: "Golden Sun"

Make an everlasting stand for Global Harmony with "One Eternal Token". This is the second of its kind, designed with two editions, in an expanding series of tokens commemorating a worldwide live music movement. Hive Open Mic is a global community and virtual concert series hosted on the HIVE blockchain. Token #002 features the original artwork from the 2nd Hive Open Mic event, held April 19-25, 2020, with the theme: "Golden Sun". This token symbolizes the harmonizing power of music, as exemplified by the Hive Open Mic community. This initiative began in the Spring of 2020, when the earth shook and live music was dead. Hive Open Mic gave artists a virtual stage, bringing together musicians and listeners from around the world. Now celebrating its 52nd consecutive weekly event (1-year anniversary!), this community welcomes all walks of life to harmonize, through creative expression and genuine connection. The owner of this token holds the power to be a true patron of the arts. Your purchase provides a valuable boost to help prolong the community for years to come. In return, the owner receives the animated GIF, shown here, also unlocking the original vector art, hand-illustrated and enhanced by Hive Open Mic host, Cabe Lindsay. The owner holds a ticket to prosperity, with permission to present these digital assets online and in print, inviting people to join in and enjoy the creative spirit. In this way, you make a statement: Even when the earth shakes, the music endures with strength.

Collection: Global Harmony

Creator:  @cabelindsay

Total Edition(s): 2

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cabelindsay 1 Limited Reproduction 100 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)