East Bay Funk -----> East Bay OG x OSG Cheese

The indica heavy East Bay Funk strain is a perfect 10! It is the result of East Bay OG Kush being crossed with OSG Cheese. East Bay OG draws it's genetics from Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and Hindu Kush, while OSG (Old School Genetics) Cheese boasts a genetic profile of Exodus Cheese 87 and Old Widow 90's that generates old school Skunk Funk terpenes, which won it 1st for Best Hash at the 2015 ICMAG Cup in Amsterdam. The elusive strain's name is a shout out to J.R. Rider, who won the 1994 NBA Dunk Contest with a move that would wind up being known as the East Bay Funk Dunk. Read more
Collection: The Cannabis Cup
Total Edition(s): 5
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