Creator: @catatumbo
Artist: In 48 B.C., Cleopatra plotted to regain power amid a civil war with her brother, the Roman historian Cassius Dio wrote that Egypt’s last pharaoh “reposed in her beauty all her claims to the throne.” It during a time of great upheaval in Egypt when the most powerful man in History Julius Ceasar came under her spell, as Ceasar secured Cleopatra's reign as Queen, Without a doubt Cleopatra became the most powerful and influential women of her time. While much is known about her next relationship with Marc Anthony after Ceasar was assasinated. It was said that Cleopatra was not just beautiful but was intelligent, charismatic full of charm which is why History has celebrated Queen Cleopatra throughout the ages. Read more
Collection: Catatumbo World Art Trading Cards Series 1/Card 2
Total Edition(s): 21
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