Chrono, the Android form Earth 2045 came back to enjoy some of that high end Diamond, Hash, Crystal infused intergalactic Blunts. He gets his powers from the great infused Blunts of the fine intergalactic chronic his three beams on his his face which analysis the best intergalactic chronic infused blunts.. He is the Boss, or Leader of the Cryptic Chronics Series, which means this is the last NFT of this series. This is a series of NFT's, collection name is Cryptic Chronics, These are exclusive only to Hive. These where commissioned by me I have full rights to these NFTs. Hodlng these might give* something later in the future, considering its the BOSS this one is a keeper. Read more
Collection: Cryptic Chronics
Total Edition(s): 2
List Price: 450 SWAP.HIVE