Grandaddy Purp Bugbear (Mystic)

Grandaddy Purp Bugbear here to take over your life force and make you enjoy one of the best intergalactic chronic in the form of THC Diamonds you ain't never seen an nft this Giant and furious as the Grandaddy Purp Bugbear he gets his powers from the great THC Diamonds of the fine intergalactic chronic his purple Gem creates the heat necessary to enjoy that fine intergalactic chronic. This is a series of NFT's, collection name is Cryptic Chronics, These are exclusive only to Hive. These where commissioned by me I have full rights to these NFTs. Hodlng these might give* something later in the future. This is a Mystic Chronic Cryptic NFT Read more
Collection: Cryptic Chronics
Total Edition(s): 2
List Price: 375 SWAP.HIVE