A Sunrise To Remember

Creator: @clove71
On this morning at lake Anna, the skies were golden with the sunrise so bright. I would always walk out on the long boat dock. Not a soul would be in sight. Calmness surrounds you and the flutter of a fish's tail in the water and the lake are all you hear. The birds are also enjoying the lake as well. Back in 2013, I lived with my Father in Lake Anna, VA. It was such a beautiful lake. Nature is constantly surrounding you there and it feels amazing! I loved to swim there and capture daily photographs of my days living at the lake. This golden morning sunrise was a special one indeed! Every morning I would walk or drive the golf cart down to the lake. I would usually have some leftover bread and I would feed the birds there. It was a family of crows. They actually would follow me in my cart or walk until I got to the lake. There were also butterflies always around the lake which was beautiful to look at. Living there was peaceful. Being surrounded by nature is what some of us now need more of! Join me as I create some art to remember some wonderful memories of how lovely it was to live there. Although my Father and I moved on from Lake Anna years ago, it will always be in my memory and I am grateful for the time I had there with him. Rest in Peace Phil! ~@clove71 AKA Chris Love Read more
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