Baphomet Symmetry

Limited Edition of 6 Baphomets. Unlockable higher resolution image. Description of work: "A simple symmetry extracted from my oil painting ' Alex in Wonderland', pulling out a menacing corporeal pathology of darkness, teeth, recessed lighting, and devil tails. This entity came through in half profile originally in the upper right portion of the oil painting, a particularly ogreish and instinctive creature. I remember contending with its insatiable, cancerous growth by implementing some 80's techno fantasy counter psychology, including, but not limited to a multi hued unicorn horn. It isn't wholly uncommon for the archetypal 'Goblin from the Deep' to make a play in my works, and they make often a particularly challenging force to balance. As the main subject of their own visual domain, they can be quite dramatic." Read more
Collection: Psychedelic Paintings
Total Edition(s): 6
List Price: 333 SWAP.HIVE