Dust on the Lens -- Dharma Symmetry

Unlockable 4000 x 4725 Jpeg Image upon purchase, to really delve into the mass of subtlety in this work. This image is derived from an original oil painting I produced in 2009, titled "Dust on the Lens". The original piece was an image which conjoined an illuminated frame of consciousness with a darker frame, creating a definite asymmetry and imbalance to the composition. That asymmetry was a physical expression of the phrase "dust on the lens" as often known within the Buddhist canon. In essence, one side was closer to the Dharma, and the other, to a world of Karma. In this new image, the Dharma side is distilled from the painting and brought into symmetry to reveal more completely its nature. Read more
Collection: Psychedelic Paintings
Total Edition(s): 5
List Price: 495 SWAP.HIVE