The eye bird

In this drawing I have used the finest watercolors known on the market: Daniel Smith. Appreciated worldwide, they provide you with the best pigment. Although they are expensive, there is nothing on the market for painters just as these colors. Combined with the Arches paper , they are perfect for any artist. "The eye bird" is an abstract painting. The eye is used as a metaphor for perspective while the bird represents the idea of freedom. We create our reality through our thoughts. Our thoughts create our actions. What we call reality, regardless if it is bad or good, is the consequence of how we think and behave. True freedom comes from seeing reality as it is. We are often tempted to beautify people and situations, when we should instead open our eyes and see people for what they truly are, even if we might not like what we see. Freedom should be a natural state of mind, just like a bird is naturally drawn to fly without thinking. The illusion that we have a good perception of reality is the first sign that we should do more inner work and reevaluate our thoughts. When we are too sure that we are right, we are usually wrong. We can all be free and fly once we open our eyes. Read more
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