“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” (Wayne Dyer) I was thinking about perspective and our ability to see when I have created this artwork. I combined pointillism and watercolor painting to get this abstract drawing done. Daniel Smith watercolors , Indian ink and my 0.1 mm rotring isograph make an excellent team. I thought about how looking at things can be quite exhausting and I used an eye to illustrate how tiresome is trying to always see reality through our eyes. I have put legs on this eye and little tired creatures with their tongues out to show that it is never a good idea to try to walk through life with a narrow sighted mentality. It will exhaust you and many good opportunities will be missed because you felt too little with your heart and saw too much with your rational eyes. The octopus is known for flexibility. I have connected this beautiful animal to the eye to show towards what all of us aspire to: freedom of thought and a good evaluation of reality. We believe what we see, no matter if it is right or wrong. Therefore changing our thinking errors and becoming more open minded is necessary if we want to aspire towards a fulfilling life. If we always believe that we are right, then we learn nothing as we choose to close our eyes in front of the things we do not want to accept. There is a great quote illustrating my idea: “I have already made up my mind, don't confuse me with facts.” ― Philip A. Fisher Vision is more than what we see. Reality is about what we feel, what we think and what we decide to do about it. There is no such thing as a universal accepted reality. I have my own version and so do you. I believe that when we start to accept that our vision can be flawed and improved, it is only then when we can start to see. Although so many people have their eyesight and mind intact, it can be quite interesting to notice how much of their lives was spent without seeing anything at all…. Read more
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