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BTC Block 679778

Creator: @crrdlx
Each Bitcoin block generates a random hash. generates random art. This piece of art combines the two and is 1-of-only-1. It was created (and can be replicated) at by entering the following BTC block number, hyphen, hash: 679778-00000000000000000008cb676ef4b1d3c5f5911eb6c9b632cf2f7becd895e65a
Collection: BTC Block Art
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 100 SWAP.HIVE


@juliakponsford transferred edition #1 to @alienmuseum
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@juliakponsford bought edition #1 from @crrdlx for 9.000 SWAP.HIVE
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@crrdlx tokenized 1 editions
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