This NFT is a piece of neural art of 1 min duration, based on a snippet of Georges Méliès called "Le Voyage à travers l'impossible" (The Impossible Voyage) using Moebius art as a secondary for the Neural art effect. The NFT and video contains a progressive trance song called 'Cleaning Voyage' by Downward Spiral Mantra. By purchasing an edition of this video art you will obtain a 25% of lifetime Royalties of the song Cleaning Voyage in all the Crypto streaming sites that will be displayed, at the moment in Emanate @ a smart contract will be created and your name will be added to it, so every time the song is played you will obtain 25% of the revenue generated. (You will be contacted with the details) Read more
Collection: Downward Spiral Mantra tunz
Total Edition(s): 4
List Price: 100 SWAP.HIVE