Cybernetic wilderness

Creator: @dbddv01
In this collection, you will find the final proofs composed during the creation of my comic strip. The comic strip is the final production of my research into the use of so-called artificial intelligence tools to generate graphic works (Those technologies are called VQAN+CLIP, IC-GAN, Mini Dall-e and Clip guided diffusion ). Although entirely generated using computer tools, these images are unique and their reproduction by the same tools is practically impossible as there are so many parameters: the initial inspirational text, the randomization inherent in the process, the data models in use that may vary, the initial image introduced in the process etc. If the work produced is unique, it is also the witness of the gestation of a pictorial selection process and in itself, as would an illustrator, the proof of the artistic work of selection and composition to build the final comic strip. The images presented here may or may not have been used in my comic book, but they were created during the elaboration of the comic book, and are an intrinsic part of an inner world in constant development. These images differ from those you will find in the comic book, however, as they are presented here in large format, in their raw state without any cutting or dialogue, like a refined raw material, carefully prepared for use and, in my opinion, worthy of its own contemplation and meaning, which can be freed from its use in the comic book that feeds it. Visit also Read more
Collection: ZeD Lost and Found - comic book works
Total Edition(s): 5
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