Lady Electric

The lady Electric sits happily in my Singularity series: Imagine a post Singularity world in which those who remain are neither man nor machine. In their delicate perfection created by indulgence and man's own misconception of 'progress' the post Singularity creatures wander the world wondering of their making. In decaying manse or faltering cityscapes, what was the world before and where did they, themselves, spring? I love creating portraits of characters I've imagined in this post Modern world. The idea of 18th to 19th century style portraiture of beings 'improved' with tech amuses me and also has a bit of the prediction in it to me. This piece was started as a sketch in my journal on our beach, as most of my work often begins. Then I scan my sketches and play with pen and ink and watercolor studies, finally this piece was made in digital oils and pastels. I had intended it for Maker's Place, but felt she deserved another version, so in this version she is glowing in green electricity whilst her android-ish face takes on the hues mimicking human skin. Read more
Collection: Singularity
Total Edition(s): 5
List Price: 50 SWAP.HIVE