Iris Memoirs

Ten years later, Hum found another iris flower while wandering through mystical spatial forest lands. It made him remember old times and imagined life outside the robot. He profoundly questioned life and nature as he kept gazing through the light of the iris. The smokey space haze slowly started to descend, blur the surroundings and fill the air with star crystals. Hum realized he was living in a dream, but there was still way more to discover in this vast ocean of what he called space reality. As he came back through space and time, Hum traveled through an eternal flow of emotions that reminded him of all his loved ones, his friends, family, everyone he'd ever known, and everything he'd ever lived. He remembered what it was to smile, and stopped frowning for the first time in years. Tired, he headed home, exhausted, but satisfied and thankful for the long years he had lived frowning, but alive. Digital Painting Letter Size (8.5 x 11 Inches @ 300dpi - 2550x3300 pixels) Artwork Process: Read more
Collection: In Psyd Out of Space
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