NFT translates into something tokenized that will be registered forever in BLOCKCHAIN. So today I write my story on the NFT I recently paid for my car With the Hive blockchain as you can see in my posts So I thought why not sell an NFT on my achievement. when washing the car I took a photo and edited it as 3D effects and here's the result (When Hive recently hit 1 dollar I had about 9000 hives available and saw my opportunity to pay off my car without using my work money which would still take me 2 years to pay) So I sold, I paid for my car and right now I'm starting from 0, again. But happier than ever and this moment I want to remember it with an NFT This is my story and I will remind you of the importance of HIVE in our lives

Collection: suppose

Creator:  @drew0

Total Edition(s): 1

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drew0 1 Limited Reproduction 35 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)