Earth´s Neuron

Everyone has their own personal sense of visual appeal. I love digital art, but in stead of creating it from scratch I draw my canvases and broad strokes from nature. Once I have found something that has a potential to transform into a scene from a digital world, I do my part by processing the image and fit my vision. This particular piece is from a very little known place in Iceland. It´s a geothermal pool with crazy color schemes and steam vents surrounding it. It is remarkably similar to how human neuron looks like, with soma, axon and axon terminals all present. Reason why it looks so otherworldly is because of sintering. It is manifested in the form of a thin crust of mineral salts and silica, accompanied by sulfur deposition. Moreover, yellowish green moss also can be seen along these hot areas. This is the only vegetation which can thrive above 35°C in this climate and soil type. Skeleton of the image taken with a drone, in a hidden place in Iceland. Scale of the blue pool is 8 meters in diameter. Image is full resolution JPG. 2480x3472 px. Read more
Collection: Digital art in nature
Total Edition(s): 5
List Price: 150 SWAP.HIVE