Frato SAI Traditionally, frato is one of the three essential companions of a traveler, in addition to otami and shizvari. During the campaign, the frato are on patrol at night, instead of sleeping, falling into a slightly "inhibited" but wakeful state. In the presence of game, the animal hunts itself and brings part of the catch to the owner. Two brood pouches (in males they are also present, like nipples in both sexes of terrestrial mammals), in which the young take refuge during the breeding season, the rest of the time they can be used as saddle bags for the rider's things. This is the safest place - neither trick nor persuasion can force the Frato to give the contents of the bags to a stranger. The predator uses three pairs of tentacles on its shoulders as combat harpoons, but can also use them for rather subtle operations. If necessary, frato supports an inexperienced, wounded or unconscious rider with tentacles. These animals do not copy human speech well, but they understand it very well. They do not need to be taught commands as such - an intelligent beast is able to understand what exactly is required of him, even in the form of a simple conversation. The Fratos are intelligent, although it was not easy for humans to recognize a thinking creature in the guise of a beast of prey. Even in the Age of Prosperity, scientists tried to interpret complex behavior and rudiments of culture only as outstanding features of an animal that is not equal to humans. Frato live quite long - 40-50 years. Wild frato do not attack people and do not eat human flesh, people usually do not hunt them either. Weakened by old age, strayed from their group of animals, they often prefer to feed the whole village so as not to steal cattle. With the domestication of the frato, an almost unique situation developed - not so much domestication as close cooperation. Read more
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