Heart transfer

Heart transfer Program: Paint Tool SAI Moon Guardian and Demon Hanwallu In the paw, the Guardian squeezes his heart. During the day it lies like an inconspicuous stone on a flattering substrate, but at night it comes to life - beats and glows. And He rises from the void - the Keeper of the Moon and wanders through the forests and fields - illuminating the earth, immersed in the night darkness. He hides his heart, because he is in love with the mistress of the night sky - but during the day when he sleeps and is not busy with work, his heart hurts and cries ... so he buries him in the forest ... so as not to be tormented by mental anguish. After all, the goddess of the starry sky is beautiful and cold like the stars - and the stars do not know how to love ... they have no hearts. The Guardian of the Moon asked the demon and Hanwalla to take the heart for safekeeping - after all, the heart does not need much space, but is there any place in the world more reliable than the box of a mighty demon? Halenvalo is a noble creature - he did not refuse the request and now, among the trophies in his cage, the heart of the Guardian of the Moon beats.

Collection: Heart transfer. Moon Guardian and Demon Hanwallu.

Creator:  @elenasteem

Total Edition(s): 2

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