X-Trax Flower of life I

Creator: @elgeko
Flower of life I is a multi purpose visual theme. It is not only a stand alone artwork, but also useful for projection mapping and visual performances. This 3D animation was created from scratch using perfectly curved spline objects. The whole scene is inside a reflective sphere, and the camera field of view is animated from normal to ultra wide, while the camera moves close to the object cluster. All deformations are due to the camera angle changes and also the spherical reflections react dynamically to the change in the field of view and gives the spectator an extra layer of movement. duration: 16 seconds, dimensions: FullHD, format mp4. It is also a Xtrax visual theme, that means it is not beat/ppm dependant, but fits to most kinds of music. Read more
Collection: 3D animation
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 450 SWAP.HIVE