Hello Julia - painted live on stream (betatest)

Creator: @elgeko
I will go back to my roots, back to where it all began. live paint sessions in front of audience. Back then it was done on an Amiga using Dpaint. I stopped doing these sessions when Amiga&opensource movement was destroyed. there was simply no other computer capable of doing these things so easily. So I bought a SGI indigo II and Alias Power_animator and then other things had priority. Now 30 years later I wanna do it again, not in clubs or galleries but via live painting streams on Discord, the setup is nearly perfect so I am soon ready to go. thanks to Julia who checked out my stream betatest, So I used a painted text brush "Hello Julia" to create the background. Its slightly visible in some frames: ))) 1 edition for each year of dpainting. 33 in total Read more
Collection: GIF art
Total Edition(s): 33
List Price: 12 SWAP.HIVE