Chibi-Kawaii 💀 Coquette Skull 💀

Inspired by the skull, the day of the dead, the darkness, I present a lot of tenderness in chibi-kawaii art that I'm sure many girls and teenagers will like and why not? Ideal to be a notebook cover, printed on clothes, stickers and an endless number of ideas you can do with this original design, which I place as a unique sale, guaranteeing that only one buyer has all the rights to my work when buying it. This artwork is made with the design program Medibang Paint Pro and the graphic tablet HUION model 420, at a canvas size of 2300 x 1600 Pixels and 600 DPI. As unlockable I offer you its format in PNG of transparencies which you can adapt to any background or surface. Read more
Collection: Chibi art - caricature
Total Edition(s): 1