A Fluid Dreams Adventure

This Magnificent Piece explores the Fluidity and balance of the soul and dreams. seamlessly transitioning from one paradise to another. This painting is to bring to viewer joy and healing as the waves crash upon the crystallization of energy cleansing and rejuvenating it, the Energy flows out as a gushing waterfall filling the oceans and streams of this land. Perfect balance with the sun and moon, sunset and rise, flowing life it provides. The free birds fly upon the sunset. The father, the son, and the holy ghost stand strong and sturdy in the mountains watching over the desert dunes. desert sands transition to the open ocean and flowing life, then to the free open sky and returning anew again to the wave. The perfect balance of this cycle continues providing a flourishing life force. this painting fills the viewer with energy, joy, safety, healing, and inspiration. Read more
Collection: Evolutionary Awakening
Total Edition(s): 10
List Price: 300 SWAP.HIVE