Paradise of Creation, Life & Balance

This Exquisite Piece Expresses the freedom and flowing love of the soul, Breaking waves, open seas and cliffsides an arch portal and Tropical Paradise. The waves of Vivid ocean energy & source break on the sturdy rocks of the bay and fills the cosy pools & open ocean around safe and sound wide bays with warm sands and calming sunsets. Bubbling rock pools which overflow with energy into the Powerfull waterfall of lifeforce sustaining the oceans and paradise bays below, it flows out to the infinite expanse of the sea and then returns to the open sky to return again, Balanced. As the waves break on these strong rocks they fuel and provide the abundant life-force of the free cliffs with waterfalls and trees, and continues on down the river of a tropical island bay with rainforest and coral seas. Crystalline energy sits soundly resonating below the waterfall of life. This Painting Calms, heals, inspires, and re-energises. It Creates wonder and interest of a deeper meaning and emotion. Read more
Collection: Evolutionary Awakening
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 2000 SWAP.HIVE