Flourishing Galactic Jungle Tropical

This is a spiritual window into a Flourishing Jungle crowned with a Gemini Spiral Galaxy and crystalline supernova explosion! Panther eyes curiously watch over this kingdom of flourishing trees fed by rainforest streams. "Luscious jungle paradise surrounds you, delightful scents of sweet tropical florals fill your lungs and expand in your sinus, new smells of fresh growth regenerate as breaths of cool breeze softly brush against your temples and lips, you taste the sweet and clean aqua vitalization. fresh bubbling waterfalls and green grass and tropical trees clean the atmosphere and revitalize the clean air. beautiful calls of colorful birds fill this sacred space as sturdy trees creak and sing moving in the breeze. rainforest streams radiate life and continually bring gushing new energy as they bubble and flush" This painting revitalizes the viewer brings joy, wonder, curiosity, replenishment, and calming effects. A mystic journey of the spiritual awkening. Felix Gaborit - Original Painting R.L size 1.6m x 1.2m Read more
Collection: Lovely Luscious Landscapes
Total Edition(s): 8