The Sky's A Different Hue

The sky’s a different hue The sky burns red with flames, yet no one seems to see. The trees are all dead and burning, but no one believes me. The sun has turned to black, the moon is all but gone. Stalking each other across the sky, as if nothing has gone wrong. The ground is covered in ash, the people rot before my eyes. The buildings are all ablaze, and the only sound I hear is flies. I feel the heat of it burn my skin, as the world so slowly succumbs. The very air itself is burning, even deep inside my lungs. I tell myself it’s just a nightmare, yes, it’s all inside my head, But it never stops the visions I see, or the urge to just be dead. I wonder if it’s just a fiction of mine, or is it some deep and hidden truth? A reality we all fight so hard against, right down to nail and tooth. Or maybe it is hell I see, come to torture me from the depths. Or maybe hell is here on earth, and it’s just waiting for our deaths. I don’t have the answers now, and I know you think me insane, But I’m the one to bear it all, and I’m resolved to take the pain. So cry for me or cuss, it matters little what you do, It doesn’t change the fact, for me, the sky’s a different hue... Read more
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