Compendium of spirits - 2 in 1

Creator: @gooze
The compendium is a group of spirits that reside between this world and the other, where they receive all the spirits that are arriving who had an indecisive life full of distrust, there are few who are in this place since many before crossing to the other plane already They are clear about the things they did in life and they do not regret it, they die repented and thoughtful about what could have happened. which leads to the creation of fearful and evil spirits in a duality of trusting and benevolent where some protect others and others only continue to cling to a religion in which they do not believe at heart thinking that somehow, this will get them out of that place. Size: 2999 x 4000 Read more
Collection: ink
Total Edition(s): 8
List Price: 50 SWAP.HIVE