Pinehead Witch #Mythic

Creator: @grafinx
For all the pineapple lovers ♥ Pineapple on pizza? We'll let Mr. Pinehead decide. But don't worry, by owning one you're automatically accepted by all pineapples to join the "Pinehead Pixel Club'. Each card is one by one uniquely made with love. RARITY: - Common = 1 Clothing or Accessory, 1 Star - Rare = 2 Clothing or Accessories, 2 Stars - Epic = 3 Clothing or Accessories, 3 Stars - Legendary = 4 Clothing or Accessories, 4 Stars - Mythic = 4 Clothing or Accessories, Speech Bubble, 5 Stars Check out my socials for updates: TWITTER: grafinx, INSTAGRAM: grafinx_art, TIKTOK: grafinx_art, YOUTUBE: Grafinx Art & DISCORD (Coming Soon) Read more
Collection: Pinehead Pixel Club
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 50 SWAP.HIVE