Lateral Thinker

The lateral thinker as a difficult contemporary and omega member of the society against the backdrop of green EU socialism and climate ideologies. He presents itself as a truly authentic to the dogs come friend of freedom and humanity. This grimly looking digital prole with collar is composed of several self-created individual images and part of a critical examination of the real existing inhumanity of socialism in Europe and the world. The lateral thinker, who exclusively follows his conscience and does not fit into the template of state repression, enriches with his ability to think independently not only culturally, but also - as an anarchically minded friend of love - intellectually all areas of a society otherwise condemned to servitude, which sometimes seems to have lost faith in life, love, peace and freedom. The lateral thinker as the bogeyman of socialmarxist contemporary ideologies in this artwork is of course classically old, white, male and western socialized. He thus represents the natural counterpoint of a form of government that is otherwise directed towards oppression, disenfranchisement and exploitation of the people, which does not serve the welfare of the citizens and the people, but pursues its control and enslavement. The lateral thinker as a symbol of resistance becomes in this from many self-created individual images to a contemporary document of history, which enriches the world in which we live in an inimitable way. Read more
Total Edition(s): 30
List Price: 50 SWAP.HIVE