Crowded City, Spacious Mind

Creator: @jemzign
On Friday 23rd July 2021 I got the most fantastic surprise as I discovered that @allanlinder - A NYC based artist, (who's work is absolutely exceptional I might add) had bought my "Karma Screams" piece. I was over the moon having my work not only purchased but APPRECIATED by such an exceptional and clearly very well established artist! I wanted to give a show of my gratitude to Allan and thought that gifting him with a personal piece would be the way to go. I had a good gander at all of his work, style, tastes etc. all of which appear incredibly eclectic - so I threw caution to the wind and just went with my gut. On Allan's Twitter profile (and one or two of his other online spaces) he uses the bio "Crowded City, Spacious Mind" which presumably refers to him as an artist based in NYC. That one-liner stuck in my mind and I decided it would be the perfect catalyst for his gifted NFT. So here is my "thank you" Allan - which is a very heartfelt one. You brought me confidence at the very beginning of a new journey in my life - one which I am incredibly excited about and that is a moment I will never forget. ............................ Each piece of art I create holds strong purpose and symbolism to me personally, but art is a universal language, therefore I let my creations speak for themselves - uniquely, to each individual... interpretation transforming and growing with each new set of eyes met. Read more
Collection: Provoking Abstracts
Total Edition(s): 1