Mercury - The Once and Future Mage

I wrote this poem at the moment of planet Mercury's transit across the sun, known as Mercury conjunct Sun by astrologers. The precise point of exact conjunction is known as "cazimi" by Medieval astrologers and alchemists, meaning "in the heart of the sun" or "on the throne of the sun". This window of opportunity only lasts a few hours, although occurring 6 times a year. It's a time of great potential magic and miracles, genius and brilliance. Any child born during these hours will be a genius. I wrote this poem during this time in honor of the god Mercury, guide of the departing souls, muse to the alchemists and winged messenger, god of traders and scribe of the gods. I present here poetry as NFT, under the guidance of Mercury. Background images are from free commons collections available free of copyright. Read more
Collection: Poetry as NFT
Total Edition(s): 2
List Price: 25 SWAP.HIVE