Steemian vs. The Bear page #001

Steemian vs. The Bear was a comic I started during a depression resulting in the lack of enthusiasm and development on the STEEM blockchain. From the heights of the 2017 bull run which saw $8 STEEM, I couldn’t get much more pessimistic about Steemit’s recovery. I began drawing this comic as a therapeutic way to cope with a dismal crypto-reality. My plan was to continue drawing this comic and allow the actual market decide the Steemian’s […our protagonist] fate again The Bear. As the tokens price fell lower and lower, The Steemian took more and more abuse. Ironically, it was never The Bear that would kill the Steemian; it was Justin Sun. These tokenized digital assets are a cultural part of our blockchain’s complicated history. I’ll be minting 10 NFT’s of each page of the comics four page run.

Collection: Steemian vs. The Bear

Creator:  @kommienezuspadt

Total Edition(s): 10

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